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Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum
Available Starting at:  $2,250.00 - $3,070.00
Area: Pine Ridge
Section: 123

Pricing Plan:
Interest-free payments up to 36 months with a 20% down payment on the pre-need purchase.
The option to pre-arrange the interment fees for the burial along with the desired concrete burial container.
The Pine Ridge hillside is splendid; the natural landscape amidst a collection of Pine and Sycamores trees lining the road topped by a majestic Oak. The area overlooks the southern edge of Woodland’s Historic District, along the roadway to the Southern District.
Trekking the incline to the top of the hill may cause you to lose your breath but the view is worth it. The area holds a charm of its own with a combination of Victorian design alongside contemporary memorial designs. The area offers a large selection of spaces allowing for flush/flat markers, slant, and upright monuments.

The option to pre-arrange the interment fees for the burial along with the desired concrete burial container.

About Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum
Founded in 1841, Woodland Cemetery is one of the nation's oldest rural garden cemeteries and a unique cultural, botanical and educational resource in the heart of Dayton, Ohio. Over 3,000 trees and 165 specimens of native Midwestern woody plants grace the Arboretum's 200 verdant acres of rolling hills. Many of the trees are more than a century old and 10 have been designated "Ohio Champions" by the Ohio Forestry Association. The Romanesque gateway, chapel, and office, completed in 1889 are on the National Register of Historic Places with the chapel featuring one of the finest original Tiffany windows in the country.

The Woodland Mausoleum adds a modern touch to this historic site while featuring 12 beautiful stained glass windows depicting woodland themes from literature and a magnificent rendition of "The Messiah." Thousands tour the grounds each year to visit the gravesites of Wilbur and Orville Wright, poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, inventor Charles F. Kettering; Queen and King of the Gypsies, Matilda and Levi Stanley; Governor James Cox; writer Erma Bombeck; founder of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Jeraldyne Blunden; and entrepreneurs John H. Patterson (NCR), George P. Huffman (Huffy Bicycles), George Mead (Mead Paper), and Preserved Smith (Barney & Smith Mfg. Co.).

Contact Us

Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum
118 Woodland Avenue
Dayton, Ohio, US 45409

Phone: (937)228-3221

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