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Sunset Memorial Park
Section: Swan Court Chapel Mausoleum/Story Book Columbarium
The Swan Court Chapel is a beautiful indoor/outdoor mausoleum overlooking the swan lagoon. As you walk inside, the Looking Glass Columbarium showcases the urns of loved ones. With limited availability, the indoor portion of the mausoleum has double entombment spaces available. The outdoor portion of the mausoleum has both single and double entombment spaces available. The mausoleum wall facing east is home to the Story Book Mausoleum which offers double occupancy mausoleum spaces. Loved ones are remembered by a mounted customized 24”x14” bronze memorial featuring a collage or decorative background. A Sunset Memorial Park staff member will gladly review availability, custom options and the package pricing offered in this section with you.

About Sunset Memorial Park
Our beautiful, serene Memorial Park is located at 3901 N. Vermilion St. in Danville. Opening in 1932, Sunset was the area’s first memorial park style cemetery. A memorial park requires bronze headstones to lay flat on the ground allowing for ease of maintenance during the mowing season and providing the look and feel of a park for visitors.

The Darby family purchased Sunset Memorial Park in the fall of 1960 from the Van Camp family. Since 1960, there have been many major improvements and the addition of specific areas allowing upright granite headstones for those who prefer that style.

Our Memorial Park is most well known for it’s swan lagoon and our two swans, Joe and Nellie. Each spring around Mother’s Day, our lagoon comes to life as a new group of cygnets (baby swans) are hatched. Be sure to watch the signs in the summer as we host ice cream socials to bring our community together for an afternoon of fun, entertainment, and complimentary Custard Cup ice cream!

Our swan lagoon area provides a floral masterpiece of beauty and a gazebo where many high school students come to take Prom and Homecoming pictures. This tradition has been a staple to the Danville area for many years.

Whether you are visiting to enjoy the pure beauty of the grounds and flower displays, visiting the grave of a loved one or dearest pet, the team at Sunset Memorial Park will handle all requests. At Sunset Memorial Park it isn’t just a place to be buried, it is a place to be remembered.

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Sunset Memorial Park
3901 N. Vermilion St.
Danville, Illinois, US 61834

Phone: 217-442-9241

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